Bella Bleu (ssaphire_chick) wrote in adventurebeyond,
Bella Bleu

last fridays adventure

I helped Adventures Without Limits, the organization I volenteer for, take up onto Mt. Hood about 10 at risk teenaged boys cross country skiing. They absolutely had a blast. They abslutely loved the snow. They had many a snow ball fight. At lunch some of them got into a wresteling match in the snow, it was great. We took un ungroomed track for about half a mile then onto a groomed tail that aparently the ski patrol uses, we shared it wil many a snowmobile. There were many hills and valleys. It was fun watching the boys go from falling down almost all the time to being able to hand going down hill like pros.

At the end we circled up and asked everyone to tell the rest of the group what there favorite part of the day was and the least favorite part of the day was.

Most said there least favoite part of the day was have to ski the ungroomed portion of the route. I couldn't agree more.

For the favorite part some siad lunch, some said the going down hill, one guy said watching the snow boarders go by "cause they looked so cool."

For me my favorite part of the day was here everyones laughter. It was the kind of laughter where everyone is laughting with one another as opposed to at one another.

Happy adventureing!
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