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A little about your moderator

About me: I have always loved the outdoors, when I was growing up I had relitives take me hiking, camping, swimming in nature, and exploring. I loved it. Then I grew up I still loved the outdoors but that took a back burner to trying to figure out what I was going to do for a living, then kids, one or which is blind, and figering our this thing called marriage. During that time I lost about half of my sight, I'm now legally blind with my guide dog Moira. So I got in contact with Oregon Commision for the Blind as part of their cariculum they take their students on an outdoor ropes course to build teamwork and confidance. One that ropes course I had the oppertunity to climb straight up a tree. I loved it. Our guide/instuctor was commenting on the skills used to climb this tree where thoughs used by rock climbers. That peaked my curiosity. I was due to start college in a few months. My school had rock climbing classes. The rest is history. I switched majors form Radio to Outdoor Recreation/Education. In my spare time I volenteer with Adventures Without Limits a non-profit who's aim is to get people with disabilities outside playing. They also strive to break the barriers between people with disabilities and thoughs without.
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