Bella Bleu (ssaphire_chick) wrote in adventurebeyond,
Bella Bleu

My lates adventrue

Last Friday was on of my days volenteering with Adventures Without Limits. It was nice only 3 people to "guide" ,chuckles. We were at Hawthorn Farms Athletic Club. They have this tiny yet intense Rock wall it has 7 routes 5 of which are all over hangs of varing degree. Fun! The first three climbs all had bells at the top which for me makes it really easy to know when my climber has reached the top.

We had a visually Impaired girl, 2 boys both pre-teen, one who i think is mostly normal and the other I know has something going on not sure what. I was fun, the girl will call her R has a new nick name Rocket girl, she is a fast climber, we started working on a little more techniquie with ther, we also did that for the mostly normal kid, we will call him J the other on we will call PM. PM has a very short attention span and is pron to wander off so we have to keep an eye or in my case an ear out for him make sure he stays with the group and stays safe. PM was so cool, he may have a short attention span but get him on the wall and he goes. He's very slow but he is determined to get to the top. It takes him like 20 min. to climb 25 ft. He takes lots of breaks. I love the fact that he just wont stop. He has to get to the top. R was determained to. A good time was had by all.

I do like working in smaller groups, it's much easier for me to function and not get lost in the crowd. I think though that in time as I figure out who to work with larger crowds that that will change. Later all.
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