abcripcouples (abcripcouples) wrote in adventurebeyond,

Study for women with disabilities and their male AB partners

Are you a Woman with a Disability involved with an Able-bodied man?

Or an Able-bodied man involved with a Woman with a Disability?

Is your Disability Visible to other People when you are out in Public?

If so and you live in surrounding Bay Area of Northern California and have been in a monogamous relationship for at least one year:

You are invited to participate in a Study conducted by a psychology student at California School for Professional Psychology which Explores Your Relationship.

If you are interested Contact through this LJ page.

I am a graduate Student at Alliant International University, where I am getting a doctorate in psychology. I am looking for WOMEN with a VISIBLE PHYSICAL DISABILITIES who are with MEN who are ABLE-BODIED. THE WOMAN HAS TO HAVE HAD A VISIBLE PHYSICAL DISABILITY WHEN SHE FIRST MET THE MAN.


**This study has this particular criteria because it is studying certain factors and is not meant to be discriminatory towards anyone that does not meet this criteria. If you are a person or couple that does not meet this criteria  but would like some referrals please contact me.*:



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